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GMR Design produces a range of upgrades designed to make your Aston Martin Vantage better. From free-flow CATs to full supercharger installations for road and track use. Our design and engineering company boasts a unique advantage, a long background in military aircraft engineering. This expertise is what drives us to both instinctively and intentionally ‘over-engineer’. We’re passionate about all things supercharged and all things Aston Martin, a compelling combination of power and prestige. It is this that sets us apart from most automotive engineers, and you’ll receive no apologies for that! Our innovative forced-induction supercharged engines produce the same torque at half the RPM of a normally aspirated one. Not to mention, it does so using less fuel, thanks to our unique Geyser water cooling system, and with far less tensile load than that of a standard car, among other benefits. Call us today to find out more or discuss your specific requirements.

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