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Our customers, and all those who test drive the supercharged Aston Martin V8, have had excellent things to say about the drive and power performance and improvements! Still debating whether to upgrade your machine? Take a look at what people are saying about GMR’s products for insight, or reach out to the team for more information.

“Exceeded All Expectations”

“I took delivery of the car today. It has exceeded all expectations. She is very fast, but docile if required – which is quite a feat. It has been well worth the wait.

Graham is a genius and a perfectionist – just the sort of person one wants working on one’s car.

Pre-GMR, the gear change was a little jerky. Post-GMR, I find that it is no longer necessary to lift between changes. Keep your foot where it is and flick through the gears in manual. The changes are smooth and seamless. An absolute pleasure to drive. In traffic the gears are seamless both up and down in “D”. One is not quite sure which gear you are in without looking at the dash. They do it behind your back, you know! Many thanks to Aston Martin for making such a wonderful car. Many thanks to GMR for making this into a great car. This is a proper, proper sports car. I can’t stay out of the car now!”

Joe Ljustina

“I had the equal length exhaust manifolds put on together with the “X” section middle balancing pipe. I had the pipes ceramic coated both inside and out.

Well what a difference! I thought the supercharger was a significant change but this is just as profound. There must be a 10% increase in power/torque. The engine feels more free to rev out as though the flywheel and clutch had been lightened. The car as a whole feels more lively and spritely. She is definitely quicker. There is now an urgency about the car. The experience leaves one only slightly shaken, but definitely stirred!
The downside is that one loses that off-beat throaty exhaust growl at tick-over that only Aston can do. Tick-over is now a regular pitch and slightly louder as all the exhaust pulses have been equalised. Above tick-over to 3500 rpm there is little change in pitch – just a little louder. Above 4000rpm is where the change is and you get a Ferrari style exhaust note – turbine like.
There is also a slight increase in cabin thrum, rather than the “reading room” hush that Astons are famous for.

So you get the performance and noise of a Ferrari as well as the looks, handling manners and prestige of an Aston – must be good. And it is.”

Joe Ljustina

“Astounding in Comparison”

“I must say that I was incredibly impressed with the performance increase from your Supercharger in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

It was astounding in comparison with a standard Vantage! The way the power is delivered consistently throughout the rev range all the way to 7300 RPM was impressive. I felt that this helped the control and handling of the car at high speed or under extreme acceleration….especially considering the weather conditions that we tested the car in.

Not only was the performance of the engine impressive but I also found it very easy to drive in normal every day use.

I found that the ride was firm yet comfortable and I liked the ease of the ability to adjust the damping.

Without a doubt when I find the right V8 Vantage for me I will be strapping on that GMR supercharger and suspension upgrade!”

Tristan Scriven

“What the V8 Vantage Should Have Always Been”

“Thought I’d drop you a quick line to say what an outstanding upgrade your supercharger is to my AM v8.

The installation is superb and looks like a standard factory fit with no glitches what so ever in the running of the car. Performance is in another league to the standard car and I’m really glad I had your upgrade rather than chop the car in for a newer 4.7 model.

You’re welcome to pass on my phone number to anybody who is thinking/undecided about having the upgrade”

Customer Review

“I just wanted to formally congratulate you on a fantastic upgrade to the V8 Vantage. Today I’ve done my first long journey in my Vantage since having it supercharged. The additional power and the way it’s delivered is simply stunning and very addictive! Whether you are in traffic and just want to use the additional torque to save gear changing or you want to nip by traffic on the open road the Vantage is now the car it always should have been.”

Paul Gerring

“Pure Devilish Fun!”

“What a fantastic smooth delivery of pure devilish fun. The engineering is par excellence. The sound is close to a merlin engine chocks away all clear above and behind, and when in traffic, smooth, no fuss, ready and waiting. All V8 AM owners should splash out and save the upgrade costs and depreciation whilst emulating a V12 but retaining the lovely V8 feel and sound! Nothing better.”

John Snelgrove

“Driving the uprated V8 Vantage was as ever with a quality high performance car a genuine pleasure! What was impressive from the outset was the sheer effortless of on-tap torque, delivered in a relentless yet smooth burst, and I say burst only because before you notice the speed you are traveling you have to apply the brakes. In my opinion having the extra power makes the car more predictable and pleasurable to drive. The sheer quality of the engineering to me is far superior to that of the Basic car, the Supercharger is a work of art, and lets face it who would not want that fitted to what is already a very desirable motorcar. I also believe there is a market for this product in different marques where the combination of adding a supercharger and water injection could significantly increase performance and driveability. To sum it up, it takes the V8 Vantage to another level, it is pure quality engineering with absolutely no down sides. I want one!”

Lawrence Mainy

“The Performance Is Breath-taking!”

“Having expressed an interest in the GMR 600 supercharger upgrade for Vantage V8, Graham arrived at my home early Saturday morning for a demonstration. I found Graham Heane to be a very friendly person and willing to give any advice on his supercharger upgrade and Aston Martins in general.

As for the demo car, the acceleration is phenomenal, it just flies. What impressed me most was the significant increase in torque, 1st gear is almost redundant and the car can be driven in high gears at low speeds without any problem. Junctions and roundabouts can be driven in 5th gear, a little pressure with the right foot and you take off again, amazing.

This upgrade is a very viable alternative to an expensive Vantage V12 or any other supercar, can’t wait to find the right V8 for Graham to work his magic on.”

Paul Spencer

“After 2 1/2 years ownership of my 2007 v8 Vantage, I was getting a bit bored with the performance and started looking to upgrade to a newer, faster model. After a chance test drive in a GMR converted Vantage at a main dealership, I was hooked and had GMR fit their super charger conversion to my car. Seven months later of faultless daily driving, the car never fails to impress. The performance is breath-taking to the point that I can’t imagine ever getting bored with it.

I cannot recommend GMR’s super charger conversion enough – I wish I’d had it fitted earlier!”

Dave Kingham

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