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About GMR Design

GMR is a design and engineering company with a unique advantage: our background is in military aircraft and aerospace engineering. This expertise leads us to err on the side of over-engineering, both instinctively and deliberately. It is also the very thing that sets us apart from other automotive engineers, and we make no apology for it.

Every aspect of our automotive and mechanical work is exhaustively scrutinized and tested from design to function, with tolerances to match. The result: designs that perform exactly as they should, have exemplary fit and finish, and last a very long time indeed.

We like to think that our design ethos resonates with that of another unique British automotive manufacturer whose state-of-the-art technology is applied by craftsmen: Aston Martin.

Meet The Team

We have a small, passionate team of highly skilled individuals ready to answer your questions. However, we leave the technical stuff to Graham; the man behind the design!

Graham Heane

MD and technical


Technical and service support


Strategy, supply and finance


Field team and logistics


Marketing and events

A Vision That Inspired Technology

Unlocking the V8 Vantage’s Potential With Forced-Induction Supercharging

When we resolved to develop a forced-induction automotive system for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, we started with a blank canvas, and only two design parameters. Firstly, the system had to be of a quality and appearance that justifies its place under a bonnet bearing the Aston Martin wings. Also, it should enhance the traditional driving characteristics of an Aston Martin V8: a modern, efficient, flexible, civilised road car engine with readily available power.  It had to be the antithesis of a temperamental, high-revving, racing-style, modified car!

Principle Features

More than four years of intensive development work has created a reliable system with three principal features:

People tell us that the results have been worth the wait!

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