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If you’re considering one of our upgrades, you are essentially changing your car. This is not simply an engine upgrade… you are investing in a more satisfying and totally new level of Aston ownership. Ready to revolutionise your driving experience? Browse our product range and ordering process, then get in touch to discuss your requirements and secure your order.

Supercharging Products

Supercharging provides a dramatic power and torque improvement. Your car retains its familiar feel and sound but with far more performance when you need it!

The GMR-600 system enables the V8 to produce both torque and power in excess of most naturally-aspirated production cars. At the same time, it improves fuel economy and reduces emissions vs the standard car!

In summary (Aston Martin 4.3 litre V8):

(Both of these upgrades are available to all 4.3 and 4.7 engine cars with manual or sport shift transmission).

The Ordering Process

Step 1: 15 Minute Diagnostic Test

We will undertake a short examination of your car’s engine using the Aston Martin Diagnostic System (AMDS). This will ensure that your engine hasn’t recorded any fault codes that need further exploration before we embark on the installation of the GMR-600 supercharger system.

Step 2: Place your order and agree your fitting date

Confirm your order and pay the 50% upfront fee. We will commence manufacturing parts upon receipt of your deposit. This payment also confirms your installation/delivery date, which will be approximately 6 weeks following your order confirmation.

Step 3: Pay your balance and have some fun!

Only when you are completely happy will we take final payment and release your car back to you. This usually means that we accompany you on a test drive and make any final adjustments that may better suit your driving style. You can also download your mapping software.

Sports CATs

GMR has developed 200 cell sports CATs to complement the GMR-600 supercharger system. When used as stand-alone items (i.e. without the supercharger system), they generate a net gain of 25bhp.

The standard catalytic converters are unable to handle the volume of gas emitted by the supercharged engine. Their cost is included in the price of the supercharger installations and their replacement is an essential part of the fitting.

GMR CATs exceed all current emission standards are designed with long-life in mind.

Price includes fitting or they can be supplied by mail order, please enquire.

Brake Upgrades

GMR provides and installs brake upgrades suitable for all V8 Vantage models that can be used on the road and on the racetrack.

Full Carbon-Ceramic Disk Set-up Including Fitting

These are the latest generation single-strand carbon ceramic disks that are guaranteed to work in all conditions, wet or dry, from cold (plus non-carbon uprated brake pads).

Nitron Suspension

GMR supplies, fits and sets up Nitron suspension for all models of V8 Vantage.

The Nitron system is a fully adjustable ‘dial-up’ style installation that provides an almost infinite range of settings to suit your car and your driving style for road, track and hill climb use.

We will happily demonstrate the system before you buy, please enquire.

Price includes fitting.

The GMR Carbon Fibre Slam Panel

The ultimate embellisher to your V8 Vantage engine bay is our lightweight, carbon fibre slam panel replacement. It comes in at less than half the weight of the standard unit, and looks a lot better!

The GMR slam panel complements the carbon-fibre finish of the supercharger installation inlet manifold cover and water reservoir.

Prices include fitting or they can be supplied by mail order, please enquire.

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For more information or to place your order for supercharging, sports cat upgrades or any other products, get in touch with our expert team today.

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